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The art-Balaji is a gallery of contemporary paintings for sale. In our gallery you can find paintings of different genres and medium: landscape, acrylic city landscape, seascape oil paintings, still life, watercolor and sepia modernism, nude oil paintings. Fine arts of Russia, Ukraine, Croatia and other countries are shown in this gallery on art paintings of different artists. Here you can find works of true artists and beginners. You can buy the paintings with mark "for sale" or order replication of sold work.
In our gallery you can buy works of contemporary artists like Stegaresku Tudor, Bogdan Mogilevsky, Constantin Mogilev and other

Unique offer: Alexander Filbert`s work is presented for sale in our gallery

The work of Alexander Filbert
Artist: Filbert Alexander
1981 year
size: 80x80cm
Alexander Filbert (1911—1996) is a well-known Soviet and Ukrainian painter.
He is founder of the realist school of high-level art.
Filbert`s arts were exhibited at more than 50 international exhibitions.


№ 360

Ancient Kiev

Canvas, oil.
Size 60x70cm
Constantin Mogilevsky

Paintings for sale
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№ 758

Красная лошадь

Paintings for sale
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Specially suggestions

№ 10

Sea, evening, black pearls

Canvas, oil.
Size 100x80cm
Stegaresku Tudor
The work is in a private collection
№ 706

A woman in a kerchief

Canvas, oil.
Size 40x50cm
Bondarenko Petr Kuzmich

Paintings for sale
The price on demand
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