How to do an order?

Delivery of pictures is made in terms from 3 hours (for inhabitants of Lugansk and area) till 30 days (for inhabitants of the CIS) from the moment of registration of the order and its full payment.

In case of infringement of terms of delivery of goods the seller pays to the buyer the penalty from calculation of 0,1 % from the paid sum for every working day of delays, but no more than 10 % from the designated sum.

Occurrence of force-majeur circumstances leads to increase in the term of performance of obligations at period of validity of such circumstances and clearing of the parties of responsibility for partial or full default of the obligations taken up.

In case of detection of damage or lacks by transfer of the goods which break its quality or completeness and which have occurred because of the seller, last undertakes to liquidate them throughout 30 days from the moment of detection. Payment of penal sanctions does not release the party from performance of the obligations taken up.

The seller is released from a liability of infringement of the obligations taken up if these infringements have been admitted because of the state bodies, organizations, enterprises with which seller has entered the relations connected with realization of conditions of the obligation.

The seller is relieved from responsibility for the defects of the goods admitted because of the buyer, connective with infringement of rules on its operation. In a case not consent achievements at the decision of questions at issue by negotiations between the parties and in claim order, the parties leave them in Economic court of a city of Lugansk.

Condition of purchase of pictures through site is full payment of the goods by means of cash calculation or bank remittance after a final confirmation of the order by the parties.

The goods price comprises cost of goods and packing. In case of purchase of pictures through a site delivery of goods on the city of Lugank is free. Payment is made in grivna at the rate of National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) at date of payment.

The seller reserves the right to itself to keep data of the client and to use them, not disclosing the third parties.

All registered users of a site by default show the initiative of their entering into the list for the further news posting and at wish can be removed from it.

Used names, marks, images belong to their proprietors. All images and the information on site are protected both their not authorized copying and using will be followed by the law.

The administration of site reserves the right to itself for changing and correction of any data.

Making out the order for site, the client confirms the consent with all conditions set forth above.

Yours faithfully, Administration of site

How to do an order?

1.Choose the goods

All goods in our Internet shop are grouped in thematic sections. For your convenience, the shop site is equipped by convenient search system which will help you to find the necessary goods quickly. Having chosen the goods, press the button In a basket - the goods will be added in your order ("basket"). In top of each page of a site there is the quantity of the goods in your basket and the sum of cost of the goods chosen by you is displayed. After goods addition in a basket, you can continue to choose the goods or to pass to order registration.

2.Make out the order

For viewing of contained your order press an inscription "Basket". If you have casually added the superfluous goods you can always remove it by means of the button to Lay out from a basket. Fill the simple form of the order. After that press the button to Issue the order. By e-mail you receive the notice on reception of your order.

3.Expect delivery of your order!

One of our managers will contact you, will coordinate the list of the ordered goods and a way of payment, will confirm possibility of delivery of the order.

Do you have any questions?

Our managers will consult you on all questions, connected with order registration, payment and delivery, by phone:
+38(050) 470-29-44 (Monday-Sunday, from 7 o'clock till 22 o'clock).