Payment and delivery


On a site several systems of payment work. We use the most simple and fast systems of payment (bank remittances into the specified account, payment to the courier at reception of the goods for inhabitants of Lugansk area), and systems which trust all over the world (PayPal)

Way of paymentDescription
private24 The Most simple and fast way of payment
You can issue the order through system Privat24, having come on an official site of Bank.
PayPal PayPal the Most reliable way of payment through system PayPal


For delivery of the ordered goods we use several systems, have given a good account of themselves for many years of existence in the world market in the field of express delivery, and also transportation of cargoes by land and air transport.

Way of deliveryDescription
International mail and messenger service DHL
Delivery of cargoes in terms about five days worldwide
Federal Express
Delivery of cargoes in terms about five days worldwide
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