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The ancient world

The ancient history developed not only in time - it moved and in space. People became carriers of human progress, as though focus of world history, forever, sometimes for the millenia; then the new picked up development relay race, and the centres of old civilisations, once great, for a long time plunged into twilight. Only presently the world approaches to generality of the main historical process which joins all people occupying the earth. To the present unity it is still far, but the globe became foreseeable as a whole. Ancient historians described only that was made on its small sites and that occurred at this time far in the west or far in the east, they did not know. Probably, among the ancient centres of a civilisation were also such which were born and died. And only old stones in steppes and the deserts, the escaped ruins and sometimes the mysterious letters which have remained about them testify: something here was something. Ancient Egypt first of all associates with a cult of afterlife and Pharaohs - governors. Painting as an element of art of Ancient Egypt, was only meanings of an ornament of tombs and tombstones.
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